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Download Fuels Management Analyst

If you have any problems please contact Support@FirePS.Com.


Free Trial Version:

This version of Fuels Management Analyst  is provided free of charge for your evaluation.   It allows limited use of certain features, including a very small set of photos.  The full suite plus all the photos may be ordered  here.

Instructions for Downloading and Installation

Requirements: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, ME, and XP


1. Create a temporary folder to store the setup files.
2. When prompted, save the file FMA100.EXE in the temporary folder.
3. Open the temporary folder and double click FMA100.EXE to extract the files, then press Extract (leave the destination directory blank).
4. In Windows Explorer, remain in the temporary folder and double-click on Setup.exe
5. Follow the setup program instructions.
6. You can now start the program from the Windows Start/Program menu.
7. Further instructions are contained in the help file.

If you have a problem send a message to Fire Program Solutions, LLC(Support@fireps.com)

Before downloading, please supply the following information: