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Discuss With Us How We Can Assist In the Resolution of Your Next Wildland Fire Investigation Challenge


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WB01539_.gif (682 bytes) Strategic and tactical services to a full range of clients including small private
     companies, multi-national corporations and government agencies at all
     organizational levels
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The client with flexibility in project staffing to meet the client’s unique needs
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Services specializing in criminal and civil wildland fire investigation, serial arson
      analysis, fire cause determination analysis and fire prevention planning

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Support in the administration of wildland fire investigation and prevention programs
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Course development in criminal and civil wildland fire investigation tailored to
      client’s needs

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On site training in criminal and civil wildland fire investigation tailored to each
      client’s needs

WB01539_.gif (682 bytes)  Programming capability to create statistical databases of fire occurrence allowing
     for analysis of trends, patterns and analysis

Experience Counts

WB01539_.gif (682 bytes)  Every member of out staff accepts the responsibility of delivering the highest
      level of professional and personalized service.

WB01539_.gif (682 bytes)  Whether the project calls for total project responsibility, periodic support, or
      supplemental staff assistance, our staff accommodates the client’s unique needs.

WB01539_.gif (682 bytes)  Our staff members have a background in national and international wildland fire
      assessments and training. Each staff member has an extensive background in
      wildland fire prevention, investigation and training.

WB01539_.gif (682 bytes)  Our excellent reputation is based decades of field experience in wildland fire
      investigations as well as investigative and prevention training.

WB01539_.gif (682 bytes)  We eagerly look forward to accepting new opportunities and broadening
      our client base.